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Best Gadget Gift for Your Family

November 21, 2017 8:00 am

gadgetDoes your family love gadgets? Are you looking for gadgets as a gift this Christmas or for the birthday of your loved one? Well, there are numerous options you can choose from in terms of gadgets and these include the following:

  • Audio Technica ATH-SR5BT

It isn’t just a typical wireless headphones in the market because Audio Technica ATH-SR5BT offers great sound quality and equipped with volume and microphone switch, which makes it easy to adjust volume, handle music playback, and answer calls on compatible tablets or smartphones. Its internal battery delivers thirty-eight hours of continuous use.

  • LG Line Pocket Photo Printer

LG Pocket Photo is portable and considered as one of the smallest photo printing devices in today’s market. It prints photos rendered at crystal clear 313 dpi, ideal for displaying or sharing. Install its free editing app to connect your tablet or smartphone and start printing easily.

  • Canon G7 Mark II

It’s a new model and an upgrade of Powershot G7 X. This comes with a new image processor that doesn’t only improves the photos taken in low light conditions, yet it also enables more natural depiction of contrast in the backlit scenes, which results to more beautiful pictures. Its LCD monitor can be tilted 45 degree down and 180 degree up.

  • Aquatunes Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Grohe enables you to sing along with your favorite music while you’re taking a shower. This Bluetooth speaker is hardy and waterproof and can withstand jets of water that are sprayed at it and may also handle falls from heights up to 1.5m. Through its anti-slip holder, it may be used on every shower rail with a diameter between twenty and twenty-five millimeters. Just recharge it through removing the speaker from your shower rail and put it on your charging dock that serves as the holder for it.

  • Sony PS-HX500

This vinyl revival has seen the resurgence of turntables being offered nowadays. Like most Sony products, Sony PS-HX500 is made with quality in mind. It sounds good and comes with sleek minimalist design. It also features a USB port that will let you connect it to your computer and digitize your collection of records.

  • Asus Vivowatch

It’s a smartwatch that is packed with features and comes with built-in heart rate sensor, which will help you track the calories you have burned, measure your sleep precisely, and exercise more efficiently. Vivowatch also takes pride of its long battery life of ten days and water resistance up to 1meter for thirty minutes.

  • Ultimate Ears Roll 2 Bluetooth Speaker

It’s a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that’s ideal for everyone who loves going into the water and need music to go with it. Its ingenious design makes it float and its battery lasts for about nine hours in 1 full charge. The sound is loud and clear for its size and its Bluetooth range is 100 feet, which is ideal and impressive if you are floating in your pool.

Depending on your preferences, there are other gadgets you can give to your family. If this list is not enough, you can always find other options in some gadget stores.

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September 26, 2017 5:07 am

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